Sofoklis Giannakopoulo

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پژوهشـکده فرهنگ، هنر و معمـــاری جهاددانشگاهی

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Integrating Materials and fabrication behaviours in architectural design

All leaving organisms share characteristic behaviours informed by and in reaction to the physical and social environment. Materials have as well certain immutable characteristics and inherent behaviours. By exploring the qualities of materials, we can understand how to better manipulate these during fabrication process and inform a design that meets our changing needs or even adapts to them after the fabrication process.

Although most of the current fabrication processes take into consideration materials behaviours during the fabrication processes, resulting in products characterised by stable and fixed properties, it could be equally rewarding to take a different approach by allowing these to affect design not only during the fabrication processes but also well after, thus, creating a product or a structure capable to adapt to any physical, environmental or artificial input.

The benefits of introducing this more dynamic approach to fabrication, go beyond the field; in an era of tremendous economic crisis with its negative implications on the environment and society, it can call for a new paradigm, that of sustainable development. This necessitates a new partnership between science, economy, technology and culture.

 Sofoklis Giannakopoulos is a Greek experienced Architect and academic researcher. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from London, followed by a Master in Advanced Architecture in the field of “Fabrication Ecologies“ and a Open Fabrication Thesis both obtained at IAAC.

While working at IAAC as faculty and researcher, he developed a large scale 3d printer using a custom made extrusion system and an industrial robot while developing of a “new” natural and biodegradable material based on soil for 3d printed architecture.His personal interest and expertise focused on the development of new high -tech fabrication methods and prototypes based on materials properties and behaviours.

On 2016 he establish together with Niccolo Marini Tropos. in Rome, an atelier based on the relations between different layers: architecture, computing, digital fabrication and craft work. Tropos develops processes based on design methodology and built on its developers interest such as traditional craft and digital means of conception and manufacturing. Last year he established with Marcos Cruz, Biota Lab - Bartlett school of Architecture, a workshop series delivering classes for developing natural materials as well as new robotic fabrication  prototypes and processes.

He is also experienced in the coordination and participation of many important conferences, opening events, pavilions and exhibitions around the world.

He is experienced in traditional carpentry for housing and restoration of racing sailing boats and motorbikes. He has worked in Athens in diverse architecture firms, where he was mainly involved in design for housing and creating concepts for public building complexes, participating and wining awards in Greek national architectural competitions.