Catherine Spiridonoff
Reza Daneshmir

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پژوهشـکده فرهنگ، هنر و معمـــاری جهاددانشگاهی

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Catherine Spiridonoff



Scientific perception and creation of space.

Visual perception is in your memory not in your eye


Catherine Spiridonoff (born 1968, Tehran) is a researcher, architect, professor at university, founder and C.E.O at Fluid Motion Architects since 2004 in Tehran; also founder and Manager of iRODE Company in the field of R & D since 2009. She received her Master’s degree in architecture and urban planning from University of Science & Technology, in Tehran, in 1994. Catherine has a special point of view in her approaches which includes both scientific and artistic methods. She stepped into the world of music at the age of four and later became a classical guitar player. According to Spiridonoff, music led her to a better understanding of required combinations of forms. She has many studies in neurology and art, ancient architectural placement based on energies and painting. She follows many activities which may seem irrelevant to her professional world of architecture, but believes that, as an architect, comprehensive awareness of genuine human issues opens up the path to a better world and this awareness is an essential prerequisite, which can be acquired by learning from nature. Her architectural designs have received numerous awards; such as BID, WAF, Memar, …, and her articles have been published in different national and international publications. 

Reza Daneshmir


Critical Formalism



Reza Daneshmir was Born in 1965, Reza
Daneshmir has given lectures in different architectural faculties of different cities such as Tehran, Tabriz, Hamedan, and Kerman as a professor since 1994. He has had his own architectural office since 1999. His work for a furniture gallery and visual art works was selected among 160 projects as the Fourth Honour Award prize winner and also received a citation in Grand Me'mar Award 2001.

He is one of the founders of Fluid Motion Architects which was established in 2004 by him and Catherine Spiridonoff, in Tehran. So far, it has been assigned the responsibility of designing and supervision of different architectural and urban design projects, with the aim of improving the quality of architecture in the country. He has lectured in different universities for 10 years and has published many articles in architectural magazines. In recent years Mellat Park Cineplex Designed by Fluid Motion Architects won first place in Memar award 2008.