Deniz Tumerdem

Cemal Koray Bingöl

28 مرداد

ساعت:  18:00

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کانون معماران معاصر

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 “Interactive Architectural Space”

Architecture and its relation to designed object is a frequently discussed and constantly redefined concept through time. On the other hand, the relation between the designed object and its environment usually starts shaping with set of decisions made by the design team. Nevertheless every space develops its own identity transcending the architect’s comprehension, created and evolved by the interaction with its surroundings and users. Because the space itself exists with its agents/effectors, a constant transformation occurs which makes it possible  to see the space beyond a crystallized moment and rather a fluid set of actions.  

The workshop aims to experiment on these fluid set of actions in relation to designed space and interactivity through sensors, motors and electronics. While being introduced to these interdisciplinary tools to create real time interaction within the designed space, the contributors will have the chance to explore various effects of responsive behavior of the space. 

The first three days / Tutorial sessions ,  will be spent exploring the tools such as Grasshopper and Arduino as well as working on selected techniques of creating kinetic systems. In Grasshopper sessions participants will be introduced to computational design using surface modelling techniques. Later on with Arduino sessions, basic coding and tools (sensors, motors etc.) will be explored for two days. The final design will be manufactured in 1:1 scale with digital fabrication tools and assembled during the workshop week.


Deniz Tümerdem is an Istanbul born architect & landscape architect. She graduated from Uskudar American Academy in 2003. She received her bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2009. She studied at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’ Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux in 2006 as an exchange student. She worked as a landscape architect in Istanbul for 2 years. She holds a Master in Advance Architecture degree from IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia). Her research line is Digital Tectonics focusing on Additive Manufacturing. She is co-founder of Epitome {Collaborative Network} and continues her research and studies within this platform. She is an adjunct lecturer at Bilgi University and a PhD student at Istanbul Technical University, Architectural Design Computing Program


Cemal Koray Bingöl is 1985 Eskişehir born architect based in Istanbul. He recieved his bachelor degree from Istanbul Technical University. His study continues at Yıldız Technical University at Computer-Aided Architectural Design Master’s Programme. He also studied in Eindhoven University of Technology as an exchange student. His studies are based on digital fabrication and urbanism through computational tools. His works include art projects and stage designs as a freelance designer and co-founder of Epitome {collaborative network} which is a material and fabrication research collaboration. He is teaching at Bilgi University and gives lectures in other universities as well.


Gamze Gündüz is an architect, graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Department of Architecture in 2010. After working in several design studios she continued her education and earned a M.Arch degree from the Digital Tectonics Studio of IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), where she also attended the Open Thesis Fabrication Program. Right now she is working as a Lecturer in İstanbul Bilgi University while pursuing a PhD degree in Istanbul Technical University, Computational Design Program. Her research interests lay between generative algorithms, composite material studies and digital fabrication.


 Metin Sahin was born and raised in Vienna. Before he started to study architecture, he finished the technical college on telecommunication and electronic. He graduaded from the Vienna Technical University with a master degree in Architecture. Next to his study he worked in an urban renewal office in the 20th district in Vienna where he gets in contact with social, legal, urban, architectural and political issues. 2012 he moved to Istanbul and started his professional work in Istanbul. The main focus of his works lay on the connection between architecture/art/design/computation and the human/social beeing.