Bahram Shahedi

20 تا 30 فروردین ماه 1396



Linear Spatial concepts Workshop

The Linear Spatial Concept workshop is aimed to explore the attitude of architectural elements either conceptually or visually in creating and defining the space via linear composition.  The architectural precedent of traditional spatial concepts will review as the explorative literature to  generate the basic Lanse to guide the design procedure. The investigation process involve in many preconceive concepts, includes, but not limited to the line of spatial unity of space and architectural elements such as line and plane in relation to the whole organizational composition. Spatial Idea emphasize  on the relationship between void and mass among the overall Linear spatial composition. In addition, the workshop utiliz the  design elements to make a recognizable space from one another. The overall workshop also will focus on different pure geometric elements, particularly planes to establish directional quality of spatial movement through the sequence of events.

Bahram Shahedi completed his PhD in Architectural Design, Design Theory and History at University of Malaya (UM) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prior to his doctoral studies, he obtained his first professional degree program in Architecture & Urban design (M.Arch) from University of Houston, School of Architecture. He respectively has earned B.Sc. in Architecture and B.Sc.  in Engineering Industrial Design (Machine design). He has been involved in a diverse range of projects with the aspiration of architectural consultant for various organizations included government and private sectors

Besides to the field of industry, he has been an architectural educator for the past 25 years and has been training many students in the context of architectural design. Additionally, he has taught courses in architectural design theory, foundation of design, visual awareness, architectural composition, experimental design, systematic design, fundamental of theoretical approaches to architectural design, and supervised over 50 architectural master theses on the various topics

Bahram has explored and experimented different pedagogical approach to phenomenology of design including architectural as a phenomenon of a systematic process,  phenomenon of machine, phenomenon of music, phenomenon of history, phenomenon of painting, phenomenon of science, etc. His main research interests are explorations of architectural precedents, architectural traditions, architectural phenomenology, pedagogical strategies, aesthetic design values, and urban design issue