Alexandre Dubor

10 شهریورماه

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پژوهشـکده فرهنگ، هنر و معمـــاری جهاددانشگاهی

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Digital fabrication in architecture : New opportunities for intelligent constructions

While new computational tools, machines and materials are appearing in the building industry, architects gain new opportunities for the design and materialisation of their projects with an increasing possibility to face the challenges of limited space and resources on our planet. Innovation in architecture are driving a new approach to design and fabrication of our build environnement, towards more intelligent constructions.

Alexandre Dubor (M) is an architect and researcher combining new technologies in an attempt to reinvent how we build and live in our cities. He hold a Master degree of Architecture & Engineering from EAVT & ENPC (France) and Master Degree of Architecture from IAAC (Spain), with a specialisation in robotic fabrication and large scale additive manufacturing (FabBot 3.0). He hold as well a French architectural licence (HMONP) and have worked in various architectural office from competition stage to delivery (Libeskind, Atenastudio, iDonati, AREP) while exploring the potential of scripting and coding in a separate practice (Collectif277). Since 2012, he is part of the R+D department in IAAC and work at FabLab Barcelona as a Digital fabrication & robotic expert in various applied research and execution work. He is currently teaching Digital Fabrication in IAAC and external workshop around the world while taking part in international conferences on thematics linked to advanced manufacturing in architecture, art and design